Artistic photo: Shirt lying on a door of a washing machine

Our Charges

Iron only (5kg): £25

Wash & Dry (5kg): £25

Wash & Dry and Iron (5kg): £30

We do not count items of clothing, we charge by the washing ‘load’ – A load is 5 kg or less.  The minimum charge is £30 for a load of washing, drying and ironing, or £25 for an iron only or wash and dry only load. For loads of more than 5kg we charge pro-rata, for example 6kg of ironing will cost £30, 10kg of washing, drying and ironing will cost £60.

This cost includes pick-up and delivery, at a time convenient to yourself, together with hangers and clothes covers as needed each time. In addition, when you first join us, we will provide 2 laundry bags for your personal use, which you are free to keep.  These will be replaced as necessary if they get worn or damaged.